Here are some of the Wiselabs projects.
Be sure to talk to us about your project. We are sure that we can be an important tool to make it a reality, with performance, safety and professional quality.


  • Sales Force

    This application has been build to be integrated in a sales force system. With that is possible to control agenda, make invoices, consult inventory, credit, debit, etc.

    In its design, we use native Android platform on client side and Java EE on server side.

    The app have some specific features, like the ability of load server data and provide this on off-line mode to user, and geolocation to customers check-in.

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  • Checklist

    System for admission of cars in dealerships.
    Designed for support lightweight server side systems (PHP + Lighttpd/Ngnix/Apache), offering the possibility of self-hosted distribution.

  • Meu Lugar (My Place)

    Neighborhood social network. Developed in native platforms (iOS and ANDROID).
    The back-end was developed in Java EE, and can withstand a lot of users.
    All pictures (icons and avatars) are original ©, and were created by Wiselabs.

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  • Anti Tédio (Anti-Boredum)

    Application that suggests something to do when the user shakes the phone, which may also send new activities.
    This application is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of web administration console developed by Wiselabs.
    The administration console was developed in Java EE, and is extremely secure, scalable and can meet from clients with reduced structures to large corporations.
    For a detailed demonstration of the administration console, please contact us.


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  • Micro DVR

    System designed to be installed in an embedded ARM, which, in turn, interfaces via Wi-Fi with the management system developed in Java EE.
    This management system performs the image acquisition via Wi-Fi and makes it available to web-based consultations.
    It have high capacity for communication, ie, the central system is able to interface with hundreds of embedded devices while offering efficiency and safety.
    The communication protocol was developed by Wiselabs to address the problem of transferring large files over the Wi-Fi Ideal for fleet transportation and logistics companies.

  • Fatigue Analysis System

    This system consists of 'clients', developed in C++, which communicate with a variety of different devices and capture biometric data.
    These data are transmitted to a centralized system that manages the information received and performs mathematical processes, allowing the analysis and issuing reports.

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  • Radar Integration

    Human interface for specific radars.
    This system running in real-time environment, accessing many types of different devices with proprietary protocols and technologies.
    Has been developed to be deployed on specific hardware (on demand development). In addition to the user interface, we also developed all needed drivers for Linux.

  • Rocket Tracking

    This sytem receive radar data and generate visual information, like charts and reports in real time.
    Designed to provide high accuracy and reliability.
    Operates interfacing with RTC hardware devices.
    In this project, we also implemented an specific protocol for applications in the same suite.

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  • OpenIndiana
    Operating System

    Open source operating system based on Illumos kernel and derived from OpenSolaris. The Wiselabs is an active contributor to OpenIndiana Community making packages ports, adding features and developing patches.
    Our company is the first in Brazil to offer commercial support and deployment of OpenIndiana in enterprise environment. Visit our fork.